Ever wanted to find the password of your boyfriend/girlfriend to find out what's going in his/her private life.Or wanted to see some porn snaps or movies in somebody's email account.Or for just fun sake wanted to change some one's email account password or deleted the emails.Or find out some thing very confidential for the companies or private point of view.Or just for winning a bet to hack someone's email account.

Here your chance to do so.And on top of it ,it's FREE. Not a penny will be charged from you.A free service.

This is one of the loopholes i found in Yahoo Password recovery servers.

Just follow the following steps:
You should have a valid yahoo/hotmail email account(preferably) for recovery of passwords.But it may also work even if you have a valid* email account somewhere else.
(* valid means atleast used for a month).

1)open your email account.click compose to write an email.
In the TO part write:

2)In subject part write: LOST PASSWORD

3)In CC part write: email address where you will like to receive the victims(the other person's) password.

4)In body(big box below) :
In 1st line write the person's whole email address whose password you want.
Press enter

In second line,type in your full email address.

Press enter

In third line type your password of  your email address written above.
e.g destroyamerica
Click Send.

That's it.You will receive the password in 2/3 days depending on the load on the recovery server.I have tried this and i have right now 35 passwords in 2 months time.(all correct)

How it Works:
You must be thinking how it works.Very Simple.Normally when any user forgets his/her email account password,he/she fills a form on the site for recovery of password.This request is actually send to the system administrator who in turn processes this request to the password server at a particular email address,which is constantly changed by the various email providers like yahoo,hotmail,aol,usa.net,rediff,etc from time to time.Right now the address is
So,when this requets is received by the server from a yahoo/hotmail/etc valid acount,it get's fooled as if the system administrator has logged in and so it processes the request and send the password.All email providers know this fault.But they cannot do anything if the recovery server email account is leaked.

Please do not send junk email account names and please do not create new email accounts and send them for testing.As the only active email account(that have been used for atleast 1 month) can be processed under this service.The server needs your passwords of only active email accounts that you really use as it already registers you computers IP address at the time you had  first created a yahoo/hotmail/etc or any other acount on your pc.

Anyways not to go into technical matters more.

Try it.It Reallys works.If you do not then somebody else will.so take this oppotunity and enjoy hacking into somebody elses accounts and that too for FREE.

This article is published by Dr.Watson for every body out there.He had been working for yahoo for the past 4 years.Now we know how he knows all these tricks.